SPLIT Gets Launched In Style

mary dispenza readeing from split

The Best Book Launch Ever The launch party for SPLIT exceeded all my expectations. It also surprised the University Book Store. I now hold the record for most books sold at a launch party at the Bellevue store. Hooray for me, but even bigger cheers for all the folks who attended and bought copies. Thank…

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Angry at the Catholic Church

holding unhappy face mask

The Language of Righting Wrongs The other night at my Spanish class I saw a woman I knew, but I couldn’t remember where I’d met her. So I introduced myself and we did that thing where you both list all your affiliations and social activities, looking for anything that connects. One of the activities I…

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Sexual Abuse Rings – Good Business?

From The Western Daily Press: “Police chiefs in Wiltshire have made six arrests as part of a major day of action against child sexual exploitation to try to prevent ‘another Rotherham’ happening in the county. ….. Officers also visited 22 hotels, spoke to 65 taxi drivers and visited six private hire firms to raise awareness…

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God Is Not Afraid, But Bishops Are

ruined church

It appears my reluctance to embrace the Vatican’s inclusive new stance on gays was appropriate. Just a week after the initial statement, the bishops backtracked, then watered-down the original wording, then failed to accept even that. And we’re right back where we started. The AP reported: Catholic bishops scrapped their landmark welcome to gays Saturday,…

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John Grisham on child porn: They aren’t ‘real pedophiles’

In an unusual example of book promotion, author John Grisham gave an interview about his novel “Gray Mountain,” that turned instead into a contrarian opinion piece on people who look at child pornography. From The Washington Post He defended them. He described viewing child pornography as an accidental crime easily committed by pushing “the wrong…

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