Cardinal Mahony, still covering up abuse

A recent series of articles about Cardinal Roger Mahony in the LA Times drew a strong response from readers. So strong in fact, that the response itself was deemed worthy of a follow up article on reader feelings about Mahony.

My letter to the editor was one of five quoted in the follow up piece. It seems I’m not alone in considering Cardinal Mahony to be responsible for a serious betrayal of the faithful.

I’m grateful to the Times for pursuing the truth of the coverups that went on during Mahony’s tenure. The paper has been very responsive for years about the abuse crisis, including doing a 2006 interview about my own abuse.

As a photographer, I also recommend the recent pieces for the stunning photography that illustrates them. There is certainly enough material for hundreds of such articles – and, given the cardinal’s love of the limelight – plenty of photographs as well. I hope the Times continues to drag the church’s and Mahony’s actions into the light.

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