While We’re Young, Pope Francis: Waiting for Real Action on Priest Abuse

Time is ticking away since the June formation of the Pope Francis’ tribunal on bishops who sheltered abusive priests. Time to press for real action on priest abuse from the Vatican.

2 Major Churches, 1 Massive Problem: Pedophile Priests

Archbishop of Canterbury says he deals with sex abuse issues ‘on a daily basis’ From The Independent: Disgraced vicars convicted of child sex attacks have abused their former Church titles by posing as respected members of society, victims claimed last night, after the Archbishop of Canterbury warned that new cases of abuse by clergy were […]

Wake Up Vatican: The Scandal of Sexual Abuse by Priests is Far From Over

Once again the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has loudly and clearly insisted that the Vatican and Pope Francis remove all priest child abusers and report them to local law enforcement. The committee further insisted the Vatican open all associated records so that Bishops and other church officials who have contributed […]

Pope John Paul II – Sainthood

We all do some great things in life and some not so great things. That is how it was with Pope John Paul II. Yes, he took a stand on communism and was an effective leader on many levels. However, the fact that he neglected, during his three-decade reign, to seriously address the rampant crimes […]

Swift action needed from Pope Francis on child sex abuse

Vatican Law Respects Italian Law – To the Detriment of Vulnerable Children Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, head of the Italian Episcopal Conference, has defended the Vatican’s policy of not requiring clergy to report child sex abuse to the authorities. “The Vatican requires national laws to be respected, and we know that there is no such duty […]

Cardinal Mahony, still covering up abuse

A recent series of articles about Cardinal Roger Mahony in the LA Times drew a strong response from readers. So strong in fact, that the response itself was deemed worthy of a follow up article on reader feelings about Mahony. My letter to the editor was one of five quoted in the follow up piece. […]

Does celibacy cause priests to abuse?

From Today’s Irish Independent: “Nobody within the official church has looked at the deeper issues and seriously asked the question why so many priests and religious did these things, because it raises fundamental questions about the lifestyle of priests.” “Can they say with any degree of definiteness that the fact that so many priests abused […]