Hello! I’m Mary Dispenza

I, Mary Dispenza, want to fix the systems that break people

I was once a broken person. Now, through this blog, I look at broken systems and ideas for making them whole again. This blog is about finding ways to help broken people, ideas for overcoming personal breakage and how to live unabashed.

As an experienced broken person, I’ve faced the damage and learned many methods for healing. I’m now an advocate for those going through the process of healing.

I write about many aspects of breakage and renewal. Here I’ll be exploring:

  • Finding my way from the shame and secrecy of childhood priest abuse to health, intimacy and love
  • Using spiritual and creative tools to overcome the shame and secrecy of childhood priest abuse
  • Moving from the betrayal of abuse to a life of meaning and purpose
  • Understanding the intricate connections between spirituality, sexuality and shame
  • How spirituality and sexuality are skewed and turned to shame by priest sexual abuse
  • The step by step process of settling with the Catholic Church for betraying and abusing you
  • Telling the truth about sexuality
  • How to fight against bullying and hate in relationship to being gay

As an advocate I share:

  • News about Catholic Church actions from the perspective of a former nun
  • About the secrecy and dysfunction of the Catholic Church
  • How healing takes place within our lives in spite of trauma and abuse
  • Issues of sexuality and acceptance in relationship to gay, lesbian,bisexual and transgender men and women

I’m your elder sister. I’ve been there before you. My case was one of the first settled by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. I learned to deal with my own abuse in healthy ways and kept my spiritual life intact. I also managed not to let anger taint my life.

You’ll get the perspective of one who:

  • Has seen the dark inside and lived to tell about it
  • Understands the intricacies of church dysfunction
  • Understands what the church could be if it tried
  • Advocates for survivors of abuse
  • Supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender men, woman and children
  • Teaches others how to take charge of their lives and healing

Subscribe to MaryDispenza.com updates so you don’t miss a single one of the these valuable bulletins. You’ll get:

  • Increased understanding of what’s going on in the Church with regard to abuse of children
  • Steps for individual healing from abuse
  • Stories to inspire and encourage
  • And now and then, righteous anger at appropriate targets

But most of all – Affirmation and Love!

Thank you for joining me here.

Mary Dispenza

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  1. Hi Mary. i don’t know if you remember me I went to St ALphonses with you we were in the 6 7 and 8th grade together my name is Rosemary Salerno now Rosemary Ross, I remember your brother Nick also your friend Phil Bennett .I just wanted to tell you how brave I think you are. Would love to hear from you. Rosemary. Ro127@verizon.net

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