Mortal Sins and Being Catholic

When I was growing up Catholic, I learned that there were four kinds of sins: original sin, actual sin, venial sin and MORTAL SIN. Mortal sin was the deadliest sin in town. For a sin to be mortal, the action you committed had to be very bad. You needed to know it was very bad and go ahead and do it anyway! Almost sounds fun.

Coming to Town Hall Seattle on June 30th at 7:30 pm, is Michael D’Antonio, to speak on Mortal Sins: Sex, Crime and the Era of Catholic Scandal.  The mortal sins we’ll learn about that evening are the sins committed by priests against innocent children and teens. The scandal, as I see it, isn’t about the Church as much as it is about children and families who were betrayed by a Church they loved and trusted – that’s the real scandal.

Rebuilding trust takes a long time and it begins by telling the truth and saying, “I’m sorry.” The Church has it right when it teaches in order for forgiveness to happen, we must tell the truth of our sins, make amends to the harmed person, say I’m sorry and put our actions with our words by changing our offensive behavior. If only, the Catholic Church would practice what it preaches, what a different Church it could be.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk