Mortal Sins Event a Success

The event at Town Hall in Seattle featuring Michael D’Antonio and  his new book Mortal Sins Sex, Crime and the Era of Catholic Scandal was a success. A great crowd turned out to hear and learn about the crisis of priest abuse in the Catholic Church. The panel of experts, of which I was one, was excellent.

The message I was left with was that there are many who love the Catholic Church, despite the current scandal of mortal sins and other problems. They want to right the wrongs, face them, tell the truth, ask forgiveness and move on while remaining within the institutional Church.

I say bravo for all good people who remain within institutions to bring about positive change. I am not one of them. I am among those who have chosen to leave the Catholic Church. And yet, I long for the day when the Catholic Church returns to honesty, compassion, truth telling and LOVE.