Mosquito Nets and the NBA

Though my focus here on Mary Dispenza is primarily healing from and stopping priest abuse, there are some other things I’m excited about. Here’s one – giving African children a fighting chance against malaria.

NBA star Stephen Curry shares that interest. On ESPN today there’s a wonderful story about his trip to Tanzania to deliver treated mosquito nets to refugees:

… the rim is bent two inches, the wooden backboard is tilting like a drunk, and the court is red dirt. This is because we’re in a refugee camp in Tanzania, … a place where malaria thrives — 62,000 cases of it last year among a population of 68,000.

These refugees don’t know dunks, nor do they know why a 25-year-old NBA star, coming off his breakout season, would fly more than 8,000 miles and 24 hours, risk malaria, typhoid and yellow fever, just to hang bed nets in their mud huts for the anti-malaria program Nothing But Nets. On his vacation.

Very few of these people he’s helping had ever even heard of him. They don’t know he broke the NBA record this year for most 3-pointers in a single season (272), or that he scored 54 points in a single road game against the Knicks, or that he was the breakout star of the NBA playoffs, including one 44-point game against the San Antonio Spurs that nearly caused Oakland to leap into the bay.

For each 3-pointer he hit, he donated three bed nets ($10 each), and now he was actually putting them up.

“I’m putting faces to nets right now,” he said during a lunch break. “Like, one whole neighborhood is covered now here just thanks to Madison Square Garden. The Knicks covered Block 9, Street 11. I hope they know that.”

Hooray for Stephen Curry! That’s good sports news.

Sending anti-malaria nets to Tanzanian children is one of my passions. My site is dedicated to that mission. There I sell my photographs and paintings with the proceeds going to Nets for Babies, a program of the Tanzanian Rotary Club.

Read the whole story on ESPN: NBA star guard Stephen Curry hands out malaria prevention to African refugees and remember – you don’t have to be able to slam dunk or hit three pointers to help in this life saving effort – go to ArtFrees and buy a beautiful piece to decorate your home and you’ll provide a net for a baby.