Welcome Pope Francis! And a way to help hold him to his word

A Papal Visit that Promises to Make History

What a rare event. A visit from a Pope who has spoken forcefully in favor of many fixes to the church and the world that I’d very much like to see become reality.

Pope Francis will have a lot of people expecting great things from him this week. There are so many issues for him to address while he’s here – poverty, care of the earth, climate change, sexual abuse, to name a few.

One Issue Stands Out as Paramount

Of course, I want Pope Francis to announce firm action on priest sex abuse. To me this one scandal represents the root of all the rest of the problems we face. The endemic and systemic condition that allows self-gratification – via predation by one human on another – to continue unrestrained. In an organization that claims its purpose is to help and support, such a situation is unconscionable.

Something Special for Pope Francis

To mark this historic Papal visit, and to expand my work of exposing the situation within the church, I’m offering the ebook version of Split: A child a priest and the Catholic Church for just $1.00.

I urge you to grab a copy now, read it, and join with me in welcoming Pope Francis, and pressing him to take action on the epidemic of priest sex abuse.

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