Lost and Found: A Children’s Christmas Story of Love and Hope

Lost and Found: A Children's Christmas Story

My friends, I have a very exciting announcement to bring to you during this season of love – the publication of Lost and Found: A Children’s Christmas Story. I finally accomplished something I have always wanted to do — I wrote a children’s book. Lost and Found is my first attempt at writing for children. … Read more

Pandemic Upon Pandemic

We are shaken to the core by Covid-19 and the centuries long, ongoing pandemic of racism in the United States. Coupled with incompetence and insensitivity from our leaders in regards to both, it becomes hard to imagine that core could hold together. What leader gloats about the fact that his house is saved from citizens angry … Read more

Apology should be followed by action

spiral of stained glass windows

Apologies are not enough When you’re wronged, it’s nice to hear the words, “I’m sorry, please forgive me.” I learned that much in Catholic school — a long, long time ago. I also learned that apology alone is never enough. We need to mend what we break and promise never to do it again.However, Pope Francis … Read more