Lost and Found: A Children’s Christmas Story of Love and Hope

Lost and Found: A Children's Christmas Story

My friends, I have a very exciting announcement to bring to you during this season of love – the publication of Lost and Found: A Children’s Christmas Story. I finally accomplished something I have always wanted to do — I wrote a children’s book. Lost and Found is my first attempt at writing for children. … Read more

HB1155 – Eliminate the Statute of Limitations

girl hiding her face

Let’s Work Together to Eliminate the Statute of Limitations As survivors of sexual abuse, most of us can attest to the fact that the criminal act of sexual assault, especially of a child, can take years and years to uncover. Because my abuser was a priest, the trauma overwhelmed me. I buried the truth until I … Read more

The Power of Story: Our greatest tool for healing, change & connection

Rudyard Kipling quote - If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.

Stories About Story As I prepared to send out copies of my memoir, SPLIT, A Child, A Priest, and the Catholic Church to reviewers, I decided to include a letter with each one. So last week I worked with a designer to create a letterhead. When she asked if I wanted a tag line on … Read more

Happy Veterans Day – To all kinds of veterans

toddler and flags

If you think about it, the veterans we honor this Veterans Day are actually survivors. They have come through terrific conflicts, hardships, pain, injury, devastating losses of comrades. Theirs is a vast sacrifice and they deserve every ounce of honor and support we can give them, on this day and any other. But as we … Read more

Wake Up Vatican: The Scandal of Sexual Abuse by Priests is Far From Over

Once again the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has loudly and clearly insisted that the Vatican and Pope Francis remove all priest child abusers and report them to local law enforcement. The committee further insisted the Vatican open all associated records so that Bishops and other church officials who have contributed … Read more

The Healing Power of a Letter to the Editor


The Power of Bearing Witness Over the years, as I’ve come to grips with the things that happened to me as a child, I’ve learned to take my responsibility to tell the truth about the church and abuse very seriously. In religious circles it’s often called bearing witness. Though usually that term is reserved for … Read more

Mosquito Nets and the NBA

NBA star Stephen Curry with Tanzanian children

Though my focus here on Mary Dispenza is primarily healing from and stopping priest abuse, there are some other things I’m excited about. Here’s one – giving African children a fighting chance against malaria. NBA star Stephen Curry shares that interest. On ESPN today there’s a wonderful story about his trip to Tanzania to deliver … Read more