Is the Catholic Church Stance on Gays Changing?

King 5 News interviewed me about the Vatican’s recent statement that all persons – even gays – deserve to be treated with dignity.

I applaud the words, and absolutely agree. But I do like to see rhetoric followed up with action. And in this case, there’s been no suggestion that doctrinal modifications will be coming. So I’m skeptical that this signals any real change in the official stance on gays.

Some have hailed the announcement as the equivalent of a seismic shift, an earthquake. I don’t think so. Yes, the tone and choice of words have shifted from condemnation to tolerance and inclusion – up to a point. But as as a woman who is lesbian, it is difficult for me to be excited over the Catholic Church finally realizing that I may have some gifts or talents. When I was a nun, before I came out, the church was quite fond of my gift of teaching and my talent for administration. After I came out, these were of no use to them any longer. So to me this appears to be little more than a public relations gambit.

I do look forward to being treated with the promised respect. But, I am still denied the sacrament of matrimony. Divorced Catholics whose marriages have not been annulled are also unable to join the community at the Communion rail and partake in the Eucharist.

A change in language and tone may be a step,but we still have a very long way to go to before gays and divorced couples achieve full inclusion in the sacramental life of the church.

To think it has taken hundreds of years for popes and bishops to speak compassionately to so many people astounds me. How sad that this is being called a historic moment.

Lets all stay tuned, keep actively seeking change, and see what develops.

What do you think of this comment by the church? Is it historic, or more of the same? Please use the comment form to leave your thoughts about the issue.

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