stop bullying iconsEvery year or so my friend, Sue and I do a workshop for teachers called Kids for Kindness. It helps teachers identify and deal with bullying in their classes.

We presented the workshop at the Washington Association for the Education of Young Children conference this weekend. The session was one of many trainings provided for parents and teachers by the The Lesbian & Gay Childcare Taskforce.

The Kids for Kindness Workshop is available for parent nights and staff meetings. Our workshop begins with a look at bullying – what it looks like in little children and what we might do to address it with our kids. The second part of the workshop centers on kindness as a way of minimizing bullying behaviors.

If you would like more information about booking the workshop for your organization send me an email via my contact page. Sue and I will be happy to help you.

2 thoughts on “KIDS FOR KINDNESS”

  1. Dear RJB,

    I agree with you, RJB – kindness deserves a top spot in our everyday actions. Thanks for reminding me. My own promise is “Wherever I am , I show up as love.” It’s what I aspire to do/be.

    Love. Mary

  2. Kindness–in my mind, is the most important quality for a child to learn. Kindness as a way of life.
    Thank you, Mary, for promoting this way, especially to teachers of young children. And you walk your talk, for kindness is your way as well.

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