When you need information about sexual abuse by priests, resources about the scandal of abuse in the Catholic Church, help dealing with bullying or LGBT issues, these organizations, books and blogs are there to help. They’re excellent sources of amazing facts, data, support and inspiration. I’ve found them all to be invaluable.

The people who work to battle the epidemic of priest abuse are the most wonderful on earth. They have a cause like no other. If you’ve been abused by a priest your first step toward healing is to join SNAP, the Survivor’s Network of those Abused by Priests. Contact them today.

Priest Abuse Information

Survivor’s Network of Those Abused By Priests

The Worthy Adversary – blog of Joelle Casteix

Mortal Sins – Michael D’Antonio

John Manly – Los Angeles attorney handling priest abuse cases

Jeff Anderson – Minnesota area attorney specializing in clergy abuse cases

Tim Kosnoff – Attorney handling organizational sex abuse cases

City of Angels Blog

LGBT Information

Coming Out: an Act of Love – Rob Eichberg

The Experience – Honey Ward