Sexual Abuse Rings Flourishing Because They’re Good for Business?

Profiting off sexual abuse rings

It’s time law enforcement and victims groups took a hard look at the operations surrounding sexual abuse rings.

From The Western Daily Press:

“Police chiefs in Wiltshire have made six arrests as part of a major day of action against child sexual exploitation to try to prevent ‘another Rotherham’ happening in the county.


Officers also visited 22 hotels, spoke to 65 taxi drivers and visited six private hire firms to raise awareness of the dangers of child exploitation.”

Sexual abuse rings are an area of sexual abuse with which, thank goodness, I have no familiarity. Unfortunately such groups crop up with disturbing regularity. It strikes me that the same sort of culture may pertain in these rings as that which exists among priests who know of their brother priest’s predilections, yet shield them from the law.

What really caught me in this story though, was the fact that 22 hotels, 65 taxis and 6 car hire firms also seem to be involved in perpetuating the business of these sexual abuse rings. This suggests that these associated businesses knew about, and profited from the activities of the rings.

Oh my.

Read more at Western Daily Press.

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