What Happens In Rome – The Vatican Sexual Abuse Summit

This week I’m in Rome for the Vatican Sexual Abuse Summit.

It’s about damn time!

For years I, and many other survivors and activists have felt we were shouting into the wilderness. Now, at the historic Vatican Sexual Abuse Summit, we have the chance to speak directly to the Pope and other church leaders who can do something about the scourge of abuse in the church. I want this thing to blow wide open so that the cleaning and then the healing can begin.

This trip came together quickly. I’m here as a representative of SNAP and have a tight schedule of meetings, I don’t have much time to update you. But here is a list of links to the a few of the current articles. Keep an eye on this for further developments.

Articles about the Vatican Sexual Abuse Summit

NBC News – Pope Condemns Sexual Abuse, Survivors Disappointed with Lack of Action

New York Post – Sexually Abusive Nuns

CBS – The Vatican Addresses Priest Abuse

ABC – Pope Francis Calls for Concrete and Effective Measures on Sexual Abuse

NY Times – Nuns Were Sexually Abused by Priests

CNN- Nun Reads the Riot Act to Bishops

National Catholic Reporter – Cardinal Admits Documents were Destroyed

8 thoughts on “What Happens In Rome – The Vatican Sexual Abuse Summit”

  1. Hi Tom,

    I have never forgotten you. There are no mistakes. Just think — one bar stool open at the airport next to you! How wonderful we met back then. You are worth more than anyone could offer. Ask for a million because of pain and suffering and the long term effects of abuse on your life and intimacy. Most likely the Church will want to negotiate down. Set yourself a bottom line. Sending you love and light. Mary.

  2. Hi Mary
    We met a few years ago at a bar at the airport. Ironically we talked about abuse in the church as I was also a victim and you said make the church accountable.
    Well I followed your advice and over a year later going through the churches process, they are now recognizing my claim and what to make me a financial offer.
    I went through therapy and spoke with the archidais in St Louis.
    What is a reasonable offer? Ive seen from $2000.00 to a million
    Any advice would be helpful.
    I was also thinking about a METhree movement.
    It seems your very busy and look forward in keeping in touch
    Tom Gohn
    Please see my heart story on my website.
    Have a blessed day

  3. Thank you Mary for your strength, your courage, and being determined to effect real, meaningful change!

  4. With thanksgiving that you are there, dear Mary, that Mary Ann is beside you, and that you are busy speaking truth to power (as you always have). Love & prayers, Carol K.

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